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GutterJet - Take Your Cleaning To New Heights!

Don't Let Dirty Gutters Damage Your Home And Your Pocket. See How To Clean Them Safely And Effortlessly!

Are you constantly risking an injury while trying to clean your gutters? Do you dread repair costs for your pipelines? This telescopic cleaning wand is all you need!

by Matilda Gray
collage of woman using GutterJet and a black and white man in a ladder

So it finally occurred to you to clean your gutters. 

Good start. But now? You need to set up a ladder. Find your balance at 6-7 feet high. Stretch to clean all those tough spots up there. And pray not to fall and break your ribs like almost half a million Americans out there.*

Are you considering bringing a maintenance crew to do it for you? Have you even calculated the expenses? Like salaries for 6,7 people and the cost of their equipment? Keep in mind this is not a one-and-done thing. Gutters need regular cleaning, especially in rainy weather. The accumulated rainwater will cause leaks on your roof or ceiling, skyrocketing your costs.

Thankfully gutter cleaning doesn’t have to be dangerous or expensive. The solution? GutterJet! The telescopic cleaning wand that promises squeaky-clean gutters safely and affordably.

Introducing GutterJet Telescopic Wand

Collage of a man and a woman using GutterJet to clean their gutters

GutterJet is the perfect gadget to clean your gutters. With 6 feet of reach, this extendable cleaning wand will render your ladder useless. It is designed to shoot high-pressure water and leave your gutters spotless. All you need to do is to connect it to your garden hose and let the water flow! The current will scrab anything that might block your gutters.

Worrying about the water bill? No need to. GutterJet relies on high pressure rather than high consumption to get the job done. Moreover, its 180° rotating head will give you all the versatility you need to clean your gutters from every angle. You just have to hold it while chilling on the ground. Perfectly safe!

What Makes GutterJet So Unique?

blue icon handle

Extendable Pole. Clean the most unreachable places with 6 feet of reach at your disposal!

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180° Rotating Head & High Pressure Water. Soak everything with unmatched force and versatility!

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Perfect Compatibility. Easy setup and no wasted water, thanks to its connect adaptors.

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Durable Construction. Sturdy enough not to bend. Lightweight enough not to tire you. Also, no repair costs for years to come!

Geen grip icon

Ergonomic Grip. Don’t fear it may slip. Its grip is built for even the most watery environments.

What Will GutterJet Save You From?

GutterJet was specifically designed to deliver risk-free and affordable gutter cleaning. And relieve you from stuff like:

gutters full of leaves


gutters full of niddles


gutters fullof grass

Seed Pods

dirt in gutters


rodents in gutters


incects in gutters


Not Just A Gutter Cleaner

GutterJet is the perfect fit for cleaning not just gutters, but any out-of-reach areas all over your house. Without having to ascend to dangerous heights!

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wall icon


windows icon


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GutterJet can reach up to 6 feet and packs a high-pressure sweeper head.

GutterJet is composed of an aluminum body and an ABS ratchet head. It can be turned on/off via a single button.

Yes! GutterJet is incredibly easy to assemble and use and it comes with clear instructions on how to attach it to your garden hose.

Yes! Aluminum, vinyl, steel, and copper. It doesn’t matter. GutterJet will deliver a thorough clean!

In case you are unhappy with the product, you can return it within 30 days, and you will be given a full refund!

GutterJet Vs. Its Competition

When it comes to gutter cleaning, GutterJet has no rival: 

You can do the job standing on the ground. Not on top of some shaky ladder, risking fractured bones. And, of course, it’s cheaper than any maintenance crew will charge.

You might be thinking. “What about other telescopic gutter cleaners?” GutterJet knocks them all out. Vacuum cleaners are way more time-consuming since they rely on wind instead of high-pressure water. Other water-based gutter cleaners are neither versatile nor expandable. Plus, GutterJet’s excellent compatibility prevents leaks keeping you dry!

No matter how you cut it, GutterJet saves you energymoney, and time!

Conclusion: Is GutterJet Worth It?

100% YES!!

Cleaning your gutters with GutterJet will be the easiest and safest task in the world. The risk and time it saves make it essential to any homeowner.

If you count its multiple uses and ongoing massive discount, GutterJet is the best value-for-money purchase out there!

How To Get Yours Before It Sells Out!

If you want to upgrade your gutter cleaning and raise the value of your property, hurry up! Many homeowners out there have already purchased it! Don’t stall, as there’s no guarantee you will find one! GutterJet is available only on the official website. If you’re a rookie to online shopping, we got you covered. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the official website by clicking this link.
  2. Claim yours with a 50% discount.
  3. Receive GutterJet and have the cleanest gutters you’ve ever had!

Tip: You can get up to 70% discounts on bulk purchases over 1 item! There is also a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason, simply return your purchase within 30 days for a full refund!

The Safest Way To Clean Your Gutters!
GutterJet used on garden